About Robert Moores

Hello, my name is Robert Moores and I am a new and upcoming Christian author. I currently hold a degree in Sociology and am working towards a teaching certificate in elementary teaching. Teaching is my passion and by the time I retire I would have hoped to touch many kids' lives and know that I truly made a difference.

My other passion is writing. When I was younger I struggled in school, but whenever given the opportunity to show my creative side, I would excel. My teachers had always told me that my stories were memorable and my parents kept encouraging me to try and write books one day. I even had a couple of poems published early on in life. It wasn't until recently that I would try and make this a reality. In 2018, I wrote a short story entitled "What The Future May Hold" and read it to a second grade class at a school I was working for at the time. They all liked it and the teacher told me that I should try and write children's books.


In November of that year I came up with the idea of "The Shoe Box," wrote a couple of chapters and left it alone. Over the course of quarantine I felt called to write more and finished my first book. When I write, it comes from the heart and the experiences I've had in life. I myself have dealt with trauma from loss, depression, and other hardships, and have had people close to me who have dealt with the same things. That's where I draw my inspiration for writing from. I'm also a devout Christian who loves the Lord. It was through him that I was able to conquer all of the trauma I endured over the years and the many adversities I've had in life and be where I am at today. I truly believe that he has given me a gift to write and I can't wait to share it with the world.